Wind's Point, also known as Wynd's Point :

Information about Wind's Point and surrounding points of interest.

origin sanctuary wynd's point

wynd's point local info
gold circlet found 1850
moel bryn bare hill
mathon bearu matma
anu st. anne

british camp

shire ditch 4k years old
clutter's cave old granite cave
clutter's cave equinoxes
local photos

bronsil castle around 1240
malvern chase

red earl

hangman's hill

midsummer hill

primes well cover up
prime well the water
pewtress well the well
pewtress names
pewtress names
wyche iron age salt
colwall w h auden
colwall stone a name
petty france

stony cross

malvern temp weather
well, well, well in the cellar
The house picture
The house old picture

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